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MBA @ Offenburg University

The strong involvement of Offenburg University in the regional economy led to the development of an MBA program with a practical orientation that is reflective of today's business challenges.  As with any organization within any economy of the world, the basic challenges are similar in nature, and hence MBA-IBC graduates are equipped to deal with the evolving needs of the industries not only in Germany, but globally as well. MBA-IBC program's equal concentration on the core business areas, namely management, logistics, accounting, finance and information technology both at a strategic and an operational level optimally prepares our students to meet the challenges of the global economy.The teaching method focuses on transferring state-of-the art knowledgee in a practice-oriented way. Most of the lecturers are consultants or managers who integrate real-life cases into their courses. Despite the ‘consulting’ in the degree title, our graduates are not only destined for consultancy positions. Some of our alumnis' profiles are highlighted on the Alumni Profiles page.

Hence, MBA-IBC is one of the most relevant programs to those who seek career development amidst the changing landscape of global business, while taking into account the exposure to internationality and competitiveness. The return on the investment in this MBA is truly exceptional.

For more information on Offenburg University, please visit the University's main page.

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