Soft Skills

To enhance soft skills such as leadership, communication and peer to peer relationships, additional opportunities are offered to MBA-IBC students. Interactive and well-structured trainings are conducted by external providers such as Harald Mayer - Partner of the Naturtalent-Stiftung as well as presentation-skills trainings by members of the Galli Theater in Munich and Vienna.

It is all about faith in your team and yourself, taking on responsibility, leading a group and learning about your own strength. The outdoor training aims at performing well as a team and will teach you a lot about yourself and the relation to others.

Getting to know the peculiarities of your own body language is a prerequisite to enhance one's capabilities of expression. Just the look, the voice, the breath, the facial expressions and gestures, posture and movements reveal the essence of a message. The input of the Galli Business Theatre Munich/Vienna delivers that input you need to perfect your body language.

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