Offenburg University is well-known as one of the most innovative universities in Germany. In 1999 the MBA program International Business Consulting was offered for the first time – back then it was a pioneer program in Germany. For us continuous improvement is an incentive, so that our graduates obtain the necessary knowledge and competence they need to become future managers. Their career path is supported by the MBA-IBC faculty, made up of both internal faculty members and external visiting professors and senior managers within the industry.

Prof. Dr. Rainer Fischer
City/Country: Ettenheim/Germany
Qualification: PhD in Logistics, German Diplom in Business Administration
Previous companies: Solvay, PwC (among others)
Subjects taught: Business Game, Corporate Finance, Adv. Accounting

Ms. Nelli Betke
City/Country: Kazachstan
Qualification: Educational University Dscheskasgan, Teaching degree German & English
Institutions: IDS Offenburg, Goethe-Institut, Diakonisches Werk, ENSIIE Strasburg
Subjects taught: German language

Dr.-Ing. Markus Dittrich
City/Country: Dortmund, Germany
Qualification: Dr.-Ing. TU Dortmund
Current/Previous companies: admoVa Consulting GmbH, Bad Camberg; Integral Consultant and Planner, Düsseldorf; agiplan AG, Mülheim; agiconsult Unternehmensberater GmbH, Mülheim
Subject taught: Supply Chain Management

Dr. Walter Erfle
City/Country: Rostock, Germany
Qualifications: Ph.D. Economics, JWG University of Frankfurt (Main)
Previous/Current company: TRC Consulting Düsseldorf (Partner), Turn Around Consulting GmbH, Munich
Subject taught: Turn Around Consulting

Mr. Udo Fehlings
City/Country: Frankfurt, Germany
Qualifications: MBA Ashridge
Previous/Current Companies: Racal, MFS, WorldCom, Verizon
Subject taught: Benchmarking

Ms. Doris Gagnol
City/Country: Offenburg, Germany
Qualifications: Diplom-Übersetzerin (graduate translator), Germersheim
Previous/Current positions: Erwachsenenbildnerin (adult educator); Zertifizierte Aussprachetrainerin (Certified pronunciation trainer)
Subject taught: Advanced German

Prof. Dr. Larissa Greschuchna
City/Country: Gengenbach/Germany
Qualification: Dr. rer. pol., TU Freiberg
Previous companies: Consulting Companies
Subject taught: Integrated Case Study

Prof. Dr. Tobias Hagen
City/Country: Germany
Qualifications: Dr. rer. nat., Heidelberg University
Previous/Current companies: Cooperative State University Baden-Württemberg, Lörrach; SAP AG, Walldorf
Subjects taught: Business Information Systems II

Mr. Mathias Heller
City/Country: Frankfurt, Germany
Qualification: Master Engineering & MBA (Technical University Darmstadt, London City University)
Previous/Current companies: Deutsche Bank, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, SVP, NICI
Subject taught: Corporate Finance

Prof. Dr. Andreas Klasen
City/Country: Germany
Qualifications: PhD in Businees Administration, UK
Previous/Current companies: Law Examination Office of the state of Lower Saxony, PwC, EADS, Berne Union, ICC Germany, Global Policy Institute at Durham University, Newcastle Business School at Northumbria University
Subject taught: International Economic Law

Mr. Thomas Klug
City/Country: Frankfurt, Germany
Qualifications: Dip.-Kfm (MBA), Industriekaufmann
Previous/Current companies: Kienbaum Consultants, Continental, ContiTech, PA Consulting
Subject taught: Management of Consultancies

Prof. Dr. Robert Köhler
City/Country: Gengenbach, Germany
Qualifications: Dr. rer. pol., University Münster
Previous companies: Henkel, Düsseldorf, SC Manager, Industrial Adhesives; University Münster,  Scientific Assistant
Subject taught: Supply Chain Management, Integrated Case Study

Mr. Patrice Landagaray
City/Country: Strasbourg, France
Qualifications: Master degree in Finance & Business Administration (INSEEC Bordeaux, France)
Previous companies: Merck (France & Spain), Serono, Danone, Senoble, PL Management Consulting
Subject taught: Cost Management

Dr. Alejandro Martínez Peralta
City/Country: Mexico City
Qualifications: PhD in Int. and Comparative Law, University of Bejing
Former/Current Companies: Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mexican Embassy in China, Permanent Mission of Mexico to the Council of Europe
Subject Taught: International Economic Law

Dr. Peter Meier
City/Country: Germany
Qualifications: Dr. rer. nat., Freiburg University
Previous/Current companies: LG, Seoul; Varian, Palo Alto; Elscint, Haifa; Picker, Cleveland
Subjects taught: Risk Management

Mr. Evangelos Nikolaropoulos
City/Country: Stuttgart, Germany
Qualifications: University of Athens/University of Fribourg (CH)
Previous/current companies: University of Fribourg, National Research Foundation Greece, Hewlett-Packard, Agilent Technologies, Manager Clinical Affairs and R&D Process at Philips Healthcare
Subject taught:  Project Management

Prof. Dr. Smriti Prabhakar-Sood
City/Country of Origin: Delhi, India
Qualifications: PhD University of Connecticut
Previous/Current companies: Lufthansa, Standard Chartered Bank, Assistant Professor at Fordham University, USA
Subjects taught: Integrated Case Study (Business Game), Advanced Accounting

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Rinkel
City/Country: Germany
Qualifications: Prof. Dr.-Ing., Rapperswil University, Switzerland
Previous companies: Siemens AG; German Telecom, T-Mobile
Subjects taught: Modelling and Simulation, Simulation Cases

Mr. Frank Röderer
City/Country: Battenberg, Germany
Qualifications: Dip.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH), MBA SIU
Previous/current companies: Dow Chemicals, Supply Chain; SABIC, Corporate Strategy; A.Schulman, Business Director
Subject taught:  Production & Operations Management

Mr. Frank Schneegans
City/Country: Germany
Qualifications: Diplom (equiv. to M.Sc.) in Business Adminstration, European Business School
Previous/current companies: Coach and Trainer for various organizations and companies, Schneegans Coaching
Subject taught: Social competences and Psychologicals Aspects of Consulting

Prof. Dr. Thilo Seyfriedt, CPA
City/Country: Gengenbach, Germany
Qualification: PhD in Accounting, University Halle-Wittenberg
Previous companies: Arthur Andersen GmbH, Daimler AG
Subject taught: Financial Accounting and Reporting I

Mr. Vincent Simmons
City/Country: Miami Beach, Florida/USA
Qualification: MBA, Americus University, Tampa, USA
Previous company: Siemens AG
Subject taught: Management of Startups

Dr. Shane Smith
City/Country: Tampa, Florida/USA
Qualification: PhD in Marketing from the University of South Carolina
Previous/current companies/institutions: ESPN, Allied Insurance, Kennesaw State University, the University of Tampa
Subject taught: Strategic and Marketing Management

Mr. Noel C. Spare
City/Country: Schiltach/Germany
Qualification: Diploma in Metallurgy and Cast Material Science, College of Adv. Technology, Wolverhampton, UK.
Previous companies: Independent Mgmt Consultant; Teaching on management theory; (CIM) Manager, BBS Kraftfahrzeugtechnik, Germany; Chief Eng., Parkfield Industries, UK; Senior Development Eng., Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk/Automotive, Norway; Managing Director, Promagco Ltd, UK
Subject taught: Managing Complexity

Dr. Ahmed Taher
City/Country: Cairo/Egypt
Qualification: PhD in Business Administration (Marketing), University of Georgia, Athens, GA
Current/Previous companies: Assistant Professor, University of Georgia; Founder, Integrated Marketing Solutions; Visiting Assitant Professor, Business School AUC; Vice-Chairman, Quest; Senator of Large Representing Business, Economics and Mass Communication Schools, American University Cairo; Chaiman and CEO, Solutions Consulting
Subject taught: Business Development

Ms. Astrid Utler
City/Country: Germany
Qualifications: Diplom (equiv. to M.Sc.) in Psychology, University of Regensburg
Previous/Current companies: Trainer and consultant for various organizations and companies
Subject taught: Organizational Behavior

Dr. José Luis Vallejo García
City/Country: Guadalajara, Mexico
Qualifications: PhD Université de Strasbourg
Previous/Current companies: Ecole de Management Strasbourg, CCEi Consulting S.C., Universidad Panamericana, Think Tank Corporate Consulting, Bital Banco Internacional HSBC
Subjects taught: Organizational Behavior, Managing People in Projects

Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Weiß
City/Country: Germany
Qualifications: PhD University of Freiburg
Previous companies: Institute for Transport Economics and Regional Policy at University of Freiburg
Subject taught: Microeconomics

Ms. Brigitte Weyer
City/Country: Salzburg, Austria
Qualifications: Psychology Studies, University of Salzburg; Business and Management Coaching
Previous/Current companies: Freelance Human Resources Advisor, Personnel Management, Team Management, Communication, Fitness
Subject taught: Business Game - Board of Directors

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