Internships usually take place in the 3rd semester (final winter semester). This involves the placement of the student in an organization where there is a suitable topic for the Master thesis.
It is a crucial period in the student's life, usually the first exposure to the local working environment. Assistance is rendered by the MBA-IBC Administration or Career Center: Resume overview services - to employ the German resume format to ensure compatibility, interview skills, presentation skills, field trips to companies, contact to faculty/visiting lecturers on opportunities available.

3rd semester internship experience

"Having the opportunity to work in a German bank was one of the best experiences of the MBA. Especially because I got to know in real life the German work culture, which I was impressed on how people-oriented and flexible it is. I was part of a database migration project regarding internaional reporting within the Finance Department, with duties and responsibilities like other employees. Most of the time I worked with SAP BI and SAP BW, tools covered in Business Information Systems (lecture of the IBC program). The learnings were several and I had the chance to improve my German language skills by communicating with my boss and co-workers and also by attending meetings in an entirely in German atmosphere. Additionally, I lived in a great city with lots of events and aktivities like Oktoberfest, Champions League games, opera, museum visits, concerts, conferences and outdoor trips."
- Moisés Collazo, Deutsche Pfandbriefbank, Munich, Germany -

"I was intrigued by the work culture of Adidas AG after speaking to some of my friends who had done an intership at Adidas AG. I am interning at Marketing Program Management which has provided me a platform to gain deeper insights into the marketing industry. One gets to learn a lot about the products, designs, customer perceptions and so on. I like how interns are treated just like full time workforces and are part of crucial and beneficial work engagements. This is indeed a positive learning experience and a great place to network with people from whom we can derive great inspiration."
- Sovna Kaushik, Adidas AG, Herzogenaurach, Germany -

" I am working as a student employee in the Online Marketing department at abas AG. Basically, I contribute to the analysis, evaluation, implementation and optimization of Online Marketing activities, especially in the context of search engine marketing, SEO & SEA as well as social media activities. As a student employee I work 20 hours per week, which allows me to write my thesis at the same time. Abas believes passionately that people are at the heart and soul of business. For 35 years abas has consistently and steadily improved processes for customers. At abas I have the opportunity to deal with international partners from 13 different countries, which always reminds me of the diversity among my MBA-IBC classmates, which is, by the way, one of the best experiences I have had in my professional career."
- Waleed Bolbol, Working student in Online Marketing at Abas AG, Karlsruhe, Germany -

"Currently I am doing an internship in international logistics planning at Daimler AG in Sindelfingen. Daimler AG is one of the leading Automakers in the world. I feel fortunate to find myself in a completely diverse international team. I got the opportunity to work in international logistics cost optimization projects and also designing digital shop floor management systems in view of lean management approach. There are ample of opportunities to learn and enhance one's skill. I am feeling satisfied to implement my knowledge of project management, supply chain management and business intelligence from IBC in the project work at Daimler. Though the internship demands to work in English, still this is a great chance to improve my German language skills with time."
- Subhashree Sibani Sankar Sahoo, Daimler AG, Sindelfingen -

"Working in Bayer, I gain insight in strategic projects in Europe where I am actively involved in the implementation and follow-up with the processes of internal and external product training for ou main target groups: marketing, sales and clinical representatives. I provided support in the development of trainig plans by creating related training materials and the maintanance of our internal Learning Management System. As I am operating from the headquarter in Bayer Pharma AG, I have the privilege to interact with people from all regions in Europe. In addition to my skills and knowledge gained from my MBA, as Bayer employee I have developed an integral set of values: Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility, Efficiency."
- Carolina Villasenor, Bayer Pharma Radiology and Interventional, Berlin -

My internship at the publisher and media company Hubert Burda Media has given me a great opportunity to learn more about international business. I am working in Tenor Sales and Marketing. We analyse company data, make statements and try to find new partners in order to start new projects. I am doing my internship in German language, which gives me the possibility to practice my German in a professional sphere.
- Arina Dvoretskaya, Hubert Burda Media, Offenburg -

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