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Rohan Kahle - IBC-alumnus and founder of X Factor Presentations - about his business, challenges and MBA studies at Offenburg University (click on picture to see full interview)

Alumni Statements

Anna Sukacheva

IBC Alumna Ukraine

Nationality: Ukranian
Current position: Market Research Manager, International Projects
Current company name and location: Ipsos GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
Year of Graduation: 2015

MBA IBC study at the Offenburg University was one of the best and most important experiences in my life. The international group of fellow students has provided me with amazing experience on cultural diversity, the professors have brought the knowledge based on the real businesses, the study program was challenging but providing useful and handy knowledge. The University is located in a quiet, yet incredibly beautiful part of Germany with great transport connections which allows on the one hand to enjoy the almost family atmosphere of the University and on the other hand to explore the beautiful surroundings and easily travel around. Completing the MBA IBC study program helped me to grow both professionally and personally and join afterwards a challenging position in international project management.

Demet Ölmez

MBA alumna Turkey

Nationality: Turkish
Current position: Merchandising Specialist
Current company name and location: adidas Group, Herzogen-aurach, Germany
Year of Graduation: 2015

When I decided to study in Europe, Germany was an obvious option for me due to its strong economy, diverse culture and safety. After searching MBA programs in Germany, I chose Hochschule Offenburg. On the one hand the university offerst you scientifically oriented, high quality classes which increase your theoretical knowledge and on the other hand it prepares you for business life with practice oriented various team works, projects, presentations and much more. During my studies, I never felt lonely thanks to the support from the university. They made everything uncomplicated from the very beginning by providing opportunities such as a buddy, tandem and senior service gatherings. Furthermore, as the university has many foreign students, I had a chance to make friends from all around the world. All of these positive circumstances helped me to secure my current job at Adidas in Germany.

Samer Ahmed

graduate MBA in Consulting

Nationality: Egyptian
Current position: Global Commercial Launch Manager
Current company name and location: WÖRWAG Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, Böblingen, Germany

Year of Graduation: 2015

When I decided to pursue my MBA degree in Germany, I chose MBA-IBC at Hochschule Offenburg because of its unique structure that enriched my scientific background with everything I need to shine in any business environment. The course focused on a practical and interactive approach, which allowed all the students coming from different cultures and academic backgrounds to work together in a very efficient and productive way. In addition, the staff of the university made our journey unforgettable with a huge amount of excursions, gatherings, seminars, celebrations and activities. It was very impressive how all these cultures could melt together under the flag of Hochschule Offenburg. The well-known course from a highly reputable university helped me to be among one of the most successful pharmaceutical business models in Germany. I would like to thank all my collagues and the university professors and staff for giving me the best 18 months in my entire life. Choosing MBA-IBC was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Varun Patil

MBA Alumnus from India

Nationality: India
Current position: Senior Digital Analytics Manager
Current company name and location: Rocket Internet SE, Berlin
Year of Graduation: 2015

Professionally, the course exceeded my expectations because of the numerous consulting case studies, specially the ones which simulate a real business, which were the best learning experience I have had so far. Moreover, even though the language of instruction was English, the location of the univerity exposes one to German language and culture, which was the prime driver for me to learn the language. Personally, the course introduced me to various cultures, languages and people, thanks to a mix of nationalities in the university, which helped me break the bubble of an English speaking world, and open my mind to how things work in a truly international environment. Not only did I get a chance to break into the European job market in a middle management position, but I also left with new friends, and the experience of a new culture.

Shweta Sinha

MBA IBC Alumna from India

Nationality: India
Current position: Release Manager
Current company name and location: DNV GL, Rostock, Germany
Year of Graduation: 2015

My current company is a global market leader as maritime software provider. I am responsible for the release of all the software products in the maritime software division. I manage releases not only at an operation level but also at a programme level. I am as well an internal auditor and Quality responsible for DNV GL Sotware group. Maritime industry is a very unique industry because of some special IT related technical challenges and also a lack of open information available for domain knowledge. Through the training in IBC I could very easily adapt to both the new culture and domain. I have been able to directly apply the project and product management principles, leadership tips, logistics knowledge and business acument that I gained during the course. The MBA has helped me to become a well-rounded professional who can take up almost any role in the organisation and drive strategic decisions unlike my pre-IBC experience which was very software development centric.

Daniel Ferreira de Matos Manso

Nationality: Portuguese/German
Current position: Quality Systems Manager
Current company name & location: Roche Diagnostics International AG, Rotkreuz, Switzerland.
Year of Graduation: 2012

I chose MBA International Business Consulting as it is offered by a geographically well-located, well-known institution and has an attractive tuition fees vs. course quality ratio. The learning atmosphere is highly interactive and practical, fast-paced and demanding, faculty members are all equal and work together regardless of their cultural and/or professional background and the course content encompasses all aspects that a future leader needs to put into practice.

The presence of the program in my profile undoubtedly brought me added value and helped me find a job. It will  continue to assist me internally at my organization. MBA-IBC has exceeded my expectations in terms of content, learning atmosphere and cultural/social life.

Tolnai Gergely

MBA alumnus from Hungary

Nationality: Hungarian
Current position: Regional Workshop Concept Manager
Current company name & location: Robert Bosch, Budapest
Year of Graduation: 2009

I am totally confident that one of the main success factors in my career life was the fact that I have finished my MBA at the Offenburg University. The IBC course gave me the opportunity to closely look at different business models from many different perspectives. It gave me a new way of examining the same problems and challenges. Nowadays this different viewpoint is a huge advantage I am using for my everday decision making in the management role I have. The MBA was probably one of the best investments in my life.

Panos Pramangioulis

Nationality: Greek
Current Position: Supply Chain Excellence Business Analyst
Current company name and location : Swarovski AG, Triesen, Liechtenstein
Year of Graduation: 2012

By conducting a research on finding the appropriate master program for me, I was sure that IBC was the only program, which would be able to provide me with the necessary consulting knowledge, experience and tools, in order to make the difference within a highly competitive labor market.

The professionalism and the experience-sharing from the faculty members, as well as the international character of the class and the chance to put the theory into practice on real case studies, were those characteristics, which proved me that I made the right choice to apply and attend the IBC program.

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